• Michael Meyers

    How about shirts designating one as certified coach?

  • David Wisniewski

    Good morning 15years ago I injured my injured my back I was told to quit lifting by doctors. Louie called me personly after a text msg he gave me some excersies and i am still going strong. Thank You Louie.
    I have a question I am into grappling 59yrs old, and would like to stay strong.Some say body excesises some say weights?
    I do dips but my elbows and sholders hurt are they that benificial to my sport? Thank You, David

  • Eric Story

    Tom can you add my name as well

  • Ryan

    Hi guys is there and index of westside certified athletic coaches such as my self

  • David Gladwell

    Agree with above plus gym name as well.
    ( and can you update so the list includes me ?)
    Regards Dave.

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