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                WSBB™ Manual Bundle

                $ 85.00$ 109.20

                Book Of Methods

                $ 45.00$ 50.00

                The Rule of Three

                $ 20.00

                Special Strength Development For All Sports

                $ 50.00

                Strength Manual For Running

                $ 25.00

                Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual Paperback Book

                $ 50.00

                Explosive Strength Development For Jumping

                $ 50.00

                Squat and Deadlift Manual

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                Bench Press Manual

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                From the mind of Louie, youth sports performance, novice gym goers, hardened lifters, and what makes the mind align for maximal performance, knowledge is power. At Westside we feel a strong mind is a knowledgeable and wise one. To achieve a true level of self mastery, one must be capable of training themselves effectively to consistently make progress. The key to this is accumulating as many facets of information as possible pertaining to surpassing plateaus in addition to new variations of exercises to spark new growth. There exist many books and articles from outside sources which push fads and trends, but in the powerlifting game the only currency exists…results. The Westside Barbell collections of strength training books written by Louie Simmons deliver exactly this. During his lifelong quest for absolute strength, an avid seeker of truth himself, Louie has authored multiple titles from decades of compiled application and research. His primary concern while assembling these was to allow the reader to benefit from the past 5 decades he has spent training and coaching. However, more importantly how to workout by avoiding costly injuries, and rehab the ones already which have already occurred. His powerlifting books and manuals range from the execution of the classic squat, bench, and deadlift (both sumo and conventional styles) along with how auxiliaries are appropriately rotated in order to avoid accommodation. Additionally, he has also transversed the informative plane from weight room warrior into the realm of sports training from running to throwing. In these selections, one can expect to glean an understanding of how to implement the nuances required for athletic development on the field of play. A close cousin to powerlifting, there is a large selection of translated olympic lifting manuals and weightlifting books from overseas for all of our classically inclined brothers and sisters.

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