Special Strengths Certificate (Exam Entry Only)
Special Strengths Certificate (Exam Entry Only)

    Special Strengths Certificate (Exam Entry Only)

    $ 500.00

    Become a True Conjugate Strength Coach™ !

    (This Package DOES NOT include any of relevant study material. Thus you will have to purchase or currently own all other books/DVDS that are supplied in the Louie Simmons Package)

    There are only 2 methods of training being used today. Regardless of what you currently believe or have been taught.

    Everything else is essentially well marketed and highly lucrative smoke and mirrors. The methods are simple and they are training Athletes Correctly or Training Athletes Incorrectly.

    By undertaking the Westside Special Strength Certificate you are equipping yourself with the correct theoretical and practical training methodology which optimizes athletic performance regardless of sporting background.

    This is the best strength and special strength training method in the world. At Westside we stand by what we say. We have the results to back up what we preach.

    Everything that is being taught in this certification is backed up by peer-reviewed research and by athletic results. No Other Strength or Special Strength Certificate can Say The Same!

      Exam Overview

      This package will allow for you to take the Certificate Exam on this site within a six month period. The exam entry expires after six months at which time you would have to renew it to be able to take the exam more times. The exam consists of 100 questions which need to be answered with at least 70% correct answers for you to pass the exam.

      The Exam is time limited - you can only take it with 4 months in between exams in case you fail! If you start the exam, it will be counted as one attempt and even if you quit before finishing, you will have to wait for four months until you can take the exam again.

      When you start the exam, you will have 4 hours to complete it - this gives you more than enough time to answer all questions. When you have finished the exam and submitted it, it will be corrected by Westside Barbell staff and you will receive the certificate, if you pass, by mail. If you fail to finish the exam within 4 hours, it will be submitted automatically and answers you have entered will be saved.