Anterior Chain Developer™

    Anterior Chain Developer™

    $ 2,595.00

    The Anterior Chain Developer™ is a must for improving posture in the hip and abdominal area. The device stretches the majority of the anterior chain while engaging and firing the quadriceps. Think of this machine as a next-generation  sissy squat machine.

    The Anterior Chain Developer™ is fantastic for stretching and lengthening the iliopsoas, which can cause pelvic tilt and is the hidden culprit for a whole host of lower back problems.

    When you buy from us you not only buy from the original and premium manufactures of the Westside Barbell™ products but you also gain access to our coaches and our knowledge on strength training, rehab and overall athletic performance. No OTHER company can say or do the same.


    Shipping Info

    4-8 Week lead time

    Key Features
    • Assembled / Made in USA Assembled / Made in USA
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions: 64″ H x 73″ W x 54″ D
    • Weight: 290Lbs
    • Black Upholstery Is Standard