Women's Apparel (21)

          WSBB Women's Joggers

          $ 40.00

          WSBB Women's High Rise Luxe Leggings White

          $ 45.00

          WSBB Women's Luxe Leggings Black

          $ 45.00

          WSBB Women's Club Cropped Hoodie Olive Drab

          $ 45.00

          WSBB Women's Classic Gym T-shirt

          $ 25.00

          WSBB Women's Club Cropped Hoodie Black

          $ 45.00

          WSBB Women's Workout Racerback Tank Top

          $ 35.00

          WSBB Women's High Waisted Workout Shorts

          $ 30.00

          WSBB Women's Club Crop Hoodie Dark Camo

          $ 45.00

          Capable of anything, just like you, the WSBB™ Ladies Clothing collection keeps you in the latest trends at the gym and the social scene. From golden era world record holders like Amy Weisberger to the GOATLaura Phelps, Westside Barbell holds a firm tradition of strong women. Here one can find all the latest women's powerlifting clothing from tops to bottoms. Understanding the rigors of a weight room like no other company can, all articles of clothing are sourced for not only the most versatile, but also the most durable materials available. 

          These gym clothes may come from the most hardcore gym on earth, but they are far from hard on the skin. Utilizing tri-blends and the latest composite materials, our apparel will keep you focused on the workout and not on constantly adjusting seams. Additionally, all items (even classic gear such as the OG Nitro Gym T) have been re-tuned in order to eliminate the ‘box’ or ‘square’ look of the men’s clothing. While many pieces are stocked and ready to ship, by far the fastest moving and most popular are the leggings. Our athletic black leggings come in normal and high waisted versions with reinforced sticking both inside and out to combat the aggressive bite of the belt. Not to be outdone, the line of crop top hoodies and t-shirts are a close second. Some sport the WSBB™ branding which is unique to the ladies line and also a select few come in extra small. 

          From flattering clothes to loose fitting loungewear, we strive to supply the hardest workers with the gear which not only suits their personality, but also the fashion in which they lift. Our women’s weightlifting clothing is tired and tested by the most serious female athletes on the planet, Westside Barbell athletes.

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