Westside Barbell is an invitation only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive. Our goal is simple. To become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.

The lineage and achievements of all Westside Barbell athletes who have walked through our chalky doors is of legends. Our gym has broke over 140 world records, won olympic gold, heavyweight world championships, to name but a few of our achievements.

This gym not for the timid nor is it for those seeking fame. You must earn your membership through blood, sweat and other peoples tears. Your are held accountable for every word that you say and at any time you must be willing to back it up verbally or physically.

Why do we do this?

So you don't have to.

Our education is based on theoretical research and is backed by practical application. We only write about what works, not what might work or what doesn't work. We believe that training information should filter down from the athletes at the the top rather than spew out from the keyboard hero's at the bottom.


Westside Barbell was created by world-renowned power lifter Louie Simmons. Louie is one of only 5 lifters to total Elite in 5 different powerlifting weight classes. He has been a top 10 lifter for 30 years and for the last 37 years Louie Simmons has totaled Elite in various power-lifting organizations. He is one of two lifters over 50 years of age to squat 920 pounds, bench 600 pounds and dead lift 722 pounds and total 2100 pounds, and was ranked 4th nationally in 2000 in the open.

Over the many years that Louie has been involved in powerlifting and special strength training, he has gained a vast amount of knowledge on how to produce strength. Through experience and constant, relentless research, his areas of expertise are vast and include but are not limited to the list below;

• The Percent Training Method

• The Conjugate Training Method 

• The Dynamic Training Method

• The Maximum Effort Method

• Lifting Technique

• Raising Work Capacity

• Rehabilitation And Restoration

• The Reactive And Contrast Methods

• Special Strength Development

Louie's training methodology is backed up by his athlete's results. Currently his gym holds 5 of the top 10 powerlifting totals of all time, the greatest squat and bench co-efficiently of all time and the strongest male and female powerlifter of all time. He has trained 36 men who have benched over 700 pounds, 10 over 800, and 2 over 900 pounds and one over 1000lbs. In addition Louie has 19 athletes who have squatted over 1000 pounds, 6 over 1100 and 2 over 1200.

He also has 23 athletes who deadlift over 800 pounds and 3 who deadlift over 900lbs. 15 members who have a total lifting record over 2500 pounds and 7 over 2600 pound total. Westside Barbell is the only gym in the world to have 2 over 2700 pound totals, plus 5 over 2800 pounds and 1 who has the biggest total of all time with 3005lbs. He has also had an athlete produce a box jump of 63.5 inches which is still the current Westside Barbell gym record. All of these athletes train within Westside Barbell.

Louie has published over 300 training articles, authored 3 books and produced 10 highly respected training videos. Louie Simmons is also the inventor of the Reverse Hyper® machine, Inverse Curl machine, Hip/Quad machine, Static/Dynamic developer and the Virtual Force Swing. He is and has been a strength consultant for the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, and numerous college football teams. Louie has worked closely with Kent Johnson, Johnny Parker and Buddy Morris and a host of other professional and top level strength coaches. Additionally, he has trained 2 Olympic gold medal sprinters, Butch Reynolds and Moe Robinson, both 400 meter sprinters.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavy Weight World Champion Kevin Randleman and Matt "The Immortal" Brown have and still train under the watchful eye of Mr. Simmons. Top-flight rugby teams have and still ask for his advice and Louie has had past dealings with the New Zealand All-Blacks and currently his system of training is followed by the Melbourne Storm to name but one of a long list.